Friday, May 27, 2011


I DID decide to enter the 2010 Bakersfield Arts Festival. Unfortunately, my body did not agree with me because I went through some sort of anxiety - based weakness freakout. I am not sure if I was finally adjusting to Bakersfield's crap air quality or if I was freaking out because I was working and taking Chemistry and Calculus and Computer classes and I am too anal for words... but alas, I was freaking out and missed the deadline for submission because I wanted to go home and nap a bit.

I think that this only proves my deep rooted desire to become a painter of things. Here are the forgotten works, nonetheless. One is a diorama - yes, like the shoebox things you used to make in school. It is of the Owl and the Pussycat, my favorite poem growing up. I made it in a cigar box because that summer my old man was super in to these cigars that taste like honey and coffee and are super fancy. Those boxes were amazing to do crafty crap in.

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