Friday, May 27, 2011

Other Art Class Adventures

We had many assignments that followed the standard basic painting expectations that I had in my head. Color theory, Still Life, Landscape, Portrait, etc. Here are a few Landscapes that I worked on. Truthfully, I never really felt it with these either.. except the Ralph Steadman study of course... but I got more positive feedback out of these than usual so eh, here they are.

The house is a picture that I got from Shaker town. I HATE Shaker town. It is freaky, unnatural, and full of heeby jeeby vibes. I don't really mind the land or the idea of it all.. I think that I have some deep seeded issues with symmetry or something like that. I only get freaked out once inside the buildings. Anyway, I have been meaning to paint Shaker town for years and years but never had the excuse. Naturally, this gave way to a pretty alright little landscape. PS: This is the ONLY painting that Thacker has ever told me that he really liked. He hates art in general and is not at all interested in my junk but does like this so I counted that as a real victory.

This, of course is the Ralph Steadman study. I did the typical Van Gogh landscape at the top and needed a play thing that I could spend some time on. This was from a coffee table book that I have by Hunter S. Thompson, "The Curse of Lono"... that is highly coveted and took me 5 years to find.

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