Friday, May 27, 2011

Art Club

Yes, I joined up with the Bakersfield College Art Club. I made a flyer for club recruiting and everything. I thought it would help me to interact on a smaller scale with other art type people since I don't get much of that at home, and maybe even do a little networking. We met every Monday and basically planned a group show and performed critiques on each others work that we planned on putting in the show.

I ran through most of the paintings that I have painted in the last few years with decent response. At this point I still have only minimal experience with publicly sharing my junk. I will wait, though, to share most of these images because I would rather show them only as they make it into other shows that I apply for.

Anyway, not many pics that are applicable to this post, unless you are interested in my Art Club flyer... but I was more using this post as a seguay to the work that I was planning on doing for shows a tthe Foundry in Bakersfield. The Foundry is a relatively new gallery that I wanted to submit some of my stuff to. One of the Art Club members was also a member of this gallery, and suggested that we participate in their show: "Sweet 16". More to come on that show.

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