Friday, May 27, 2011


I am going to try to document - from the beginning - my attempt to build a legit resume for my "art" or "body of work" or "portfolio" or whatever you choose to call it. My first entry on what will some day be my resume will be the Bakersfield Visual Arts Festival 2009. Here is what I entered:

I called it "Fibonacci was in the Latin Club". It was a small works show so you had to buy the canvas from the museum. This one, and the other entry that I submitted was 8" x 8". Both are acrylic on canvas. I really like this one... and it follows my current work a little more closely than the other entry that I had. I actually submitted 3 paintings but they only chose 2. Which I am pretty ok with, because I think they only let, like, 75 out of 300+ applicants into the show and 2 of those were mine. Jawsome.

This one is an image from a messed up children's series that I wanted to write before I was forced by income and boredom to get a job. The show was pretty cool, although I wasn't really proud of my stuff after seeing the winner. the theme of this show was "roots"... to which I obviously applied my best interpretations. Anyway, I didn't feel jazzed about it when it was over so I didn't really continue to apply for things. 2009: End scene.

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