Friday, May 27, 2011

The Foundry "Sweet 16"

I decided to try my luck at another juried show. "Sweet 16" at the Foundry in Bakersfield was a show benefiting Teen Challenge that showcased 16 pieces. I worked and worked and toiled away at what I thought best represented the theme "sweet".

Originally, a cupcake came to mind. (Naturally) The cupcake was to be a headband, on the head of a nice little girl, holding out a dead bird. This was such a lovely idea! I sketched it out several ways though, and I couldn't figure out a way to make it look realistic enough. I felt that the bird kind of cheapened it. Also the cupcake. Too cliche. So I dropped both of those ideas and just went for a little girl. Simple enough.

The yellow eyes made it creepy enough to fit in line with a lot of my work. Once again this isn't the best photo quality but I haven't the time or the desire to go and get all fancy with my picture taking skills just yet. I did submit it, though, and it made it into the show! I was on display throughout May at The Foundry in Bakersfield.

I did remember why I stayed away form entering shows and all that though. I am not good with other art minded people. I get all annoyed for some reason at the pretentiousness or whatever it is when you walk into somewhere and immediately feel out of place. These are most likely my demons, though, and not the fault or vibe created by anyone at the Foundry. I just don't think that I am there yet with how to act and what to do. Not much of a mingler, hah.

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